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JKD concepts based systems

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JKD concepts based systems
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In our opinion, there are no authentic Jeet kune Do schools in Mumbai. The true JKD man will never call his art JKD.
So then, what does an individual do who is very keen on learning JKD in Mumbai?
Here is a detailed guideline.
A. First he UNDERSTANDS that full contact fighting is the only reality and JKD is NON TRADITIONAL (Not Karate, Not Kata, Not Uniforms or Belts)
B. Then he decides to get PROFICIENT in these ranges - DISTANT RANGE (kicking), MIDDLE RANGE (boxing, trapping, knee - elbow range) and CLOSE RANGE (throwing, grappling {wrestling}, Joint locking), and GROUNDFIGHTING ranges.
So he may join a karate/taekwondo class PLUS a boxing/ Muay Thai/ Kali class PLUS judo/wrestling/filipino grappling class for at least one year each.
C. In addition, He goes on a FITNESS PROGRAM made of RUNNING, GYM, and other CROSS TRAINING.
D. After all this, he has to UNDERSTAND AND APPLY JKD CONCEPT. He will require a teacher who teaches him this.He then has to UNLEARN and forget the traditional teaching of the above martial arts he has learned over the years and APPLY JKD CONCEPTS to these.
E. then finally, he has to DEVELOP TECHNIQUE WHICH IS UNIQUELY SUITS HIS INDIVIDUALTY. That means he has to find and absorb techniques which work for him, and discard what doesnot work for him.
One mans JKD is not anothers mans JKD. Each man has his own unique truth. That truth is his JKD.
F. then this journey of self improvement CONTINUES as he keeps growing in HIS JKD!  
The process is a long and complicated one. but remember, it is all towards finding simplicity!
If you donot wish to join several classes to learn various Ranges, you can check out the below mentioned site, which may teach the  art you are searching.
The Institute of Martial Science teaches many combat arts under one roof.The principles and concepts of various martial arts have been absorbed and condensed into one  comprehensive course called Martial Science.
The Institute of Martial Science has plenty of JKD followers on its faculty. The IMS also teaches another art 'Commando Combat' to select students.
The art of 'Commando Combat' is a soldiers combat system, where the only goal is to quickly handicap or cripple the enemy with the least effort.
'Commando Combat' is based on the principles of Jeet Kune Do concepts.
Here the soldier or the student is taken through experiences of various ranges -
Kicking Range derived from
Karate (straigh line attacks)
Kung Fu (circular attacks)
Tae kwondo (swinging attacks)
Punching & Boxing range
Japanese arts
Western Boxing
Wing tsun Kung fu (Trapping & Chi sao)
Knee Elbow Middle range
Muoy thai
Filipino Kali
Grappling range
western Wrestling
Ju Jitsu and judo
filipino Dumog
Groundwork range
judo matwork
filipino groundfighting
western wrestling
With the solid knowledge of basic techniques from various ranges, the soldier/student is now introduced to the basic and advanced concepts of fighting. The student is taught how he can effectively find an appropriate technique in a given situation.
for further information, we suggest you visit the Institute of Martial Science website by clicking on the address below.

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Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey. why is Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey? bcos Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a soul searching journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a physicl journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a mental journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a spiritual journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a art seeking journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey wthout a destination. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey without a definitive goal. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is your individual journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey where thepath travelled matters more than the destination.