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Before deciding on any Self Defense Program for your employees, Please Note:


  • Women’s Self Defense Program was first pioneered by UCCA in 1996 while training Mumbai Police Women Officers to deal with criminals in Super Cop program ordered by Police Commissioner. Later this was implemented to Police Women Officers in Airport Security


  • Teaching Women the art of Self preservation and principles of Survival over a short time is a highly specialized subject. A Karate Instructor is not trained in this specialty. We have designed the Maharshtra govt 6 month full time Self Defense course for vocational board in 2007.


  • During assaults on women in suburban Mumbai train, CNN did a feature on UCCA on how women should react. Presently due to multiple assault on women, Many self proclaimed Self defense experts have emerged, who know nothing about teaching women to defend themselves.


  • Newer emerging arts like Krav Maga will teach Self defense over a long period of time and really speaking requires years of practice to execute. What is required is the use of certain Military Hand to Hand Defense techniques and training specific to Molestation and Rape situations. Krav Maga is a civilian art, not a Military one.


  • Techniques of Presence of Mind, Stress Response, Using your Head, Psychological warfare and handling Police, Press & Media post event are more important to prevent mud slinging by competitor companies.


  • Many Event Management companies will find some unknown expert to work at cheaper rates. It is best for the company to choose the training Faculty rather than ask the event Mgt people.


  • So if you want to truly employ professionals, NO KARATE, NO KRAV MAGA, NO UNKNOWN SELF DEFENSE EXPERTS, then approach us – the experts training the Indian Military to train your employees professionally & feel SECURE.


  • If your esteemed company desire the BEST training for WomenMilitary techniques, Psychological Warfare, Survival training – specially imparted by a noteworthy woman who trains the Indian forces in Close Quarter Battle, who was runner up in Mrs India World, who has been Savvy – Femina Woman of substance, and a Doctor- Dr Seema Rao, READ ON




Personal Security & Safety Management Program for Male & Female Employees doing

Night Shifts or otherwise



Why is there a need for our program?


Preventing Company’s Loss of Reputation & Name

         Women employees getting manhandled

         Sexual Abuse & Harassment within Office premises


Preventing Police Cases & Sue-ing for Damages / compensation for

         Women employees getting molested or Raped at night

         Women & Men getting assaulted for money or sex


Boosting Morale & Self Esteem

         Increasing Confidence & Self Image

         Increasing comfort for working at Night or with Male colleagues


Recreation & Motivation for Work, Perks by offering best Personal Security Training

         Security Issues are the most useful of all recreational activities

         Employees get happy with this Safety Perk



This is not another Self defense program!


No Self defense techniques can be taught over a few days

This is a Situational Awareness & Tactical Response Program where individuals are taught all about dangerous situations that could arise and how these could be tackled via a variety of response options. 

         How not to provoke a sexual attack,

         How not to encourage progression of sexual advance and

         How to neutralize it preventing danger on body, sexual modesty, morale and life.



We are not another Karate Academy, We are Security Specialists!


Our subject of expertise is Close Quarter Battle. We have trained 15,000 soldiers from Indian Forces over 15 years.


We have tremendous reputation in Nations Security


Our Academy trains

         National Security,

         Chief Ministers Security,

         Border Security Force,

         Counter Terror Forces in J & K,

         Indian Para commando & Special Forces


In private sector, we train

         Bajaj VIP Security

         Tops VIP Security

         Security of Ministers, Politicians etc

         We have interacted with many Blue Chip companies for various modules



The Quality of our work is unsurpassed


For our excellent work for the Military, We have received

         Army Chiefs Appreciation in 2001 &

         Army Chiefs Appreciation in 2005

         Gen Deepak Kapoors (Present Army Chief)Appreciation in 2006


For our work for Police, we have received

         Director General Police Appreciation in 2003


In addition, we have received

         US Presidents George Bush Award

         Queen of England Appreciation


Our Credentials & Character is certified by

         Maharashtra Police State Intelligence


We have drafted the Maharshtra Govt’s Self Defense Course

         Maharashtra Board of Voc Education



Our Program Directors are the most qualified in this field!


They are Counter Terrorism Training Specialists

They are called as Guest Lecturers

         Army Officers Training Academy

         National Police Academy

         Commando Wing

         Indiana University, USA


Prof. Dr. Deepak Rao

         Doctorate(Military Sc), MD, PhD, FRSH(UK)

         First Asian to be certified as La w Enforcement Trainer by American LE Society

         First Asian to hold 8th Deg Black Belt in Military Unarmed Combat

         First Asian to be Advisor for US Police Defensive Tactics Association.

         First Asian to be Advisor International Security Association, Europe


Dr. Seema Rao

         MD, MBA, PhD

         MBA in Crisis Mgt

         First Asian to hold 6th Deg Black Belt in Military Unarmed Combat

         Featured by Femina, Savvy & Mags as Woman of Substance

         Mrs World Beauty Pageant - India Runner Up

         Author – A Comprehensive Analysis of World Terrorism



What are the DARE Program contents?

The DARE Program – Defense Against Assault or Rape or Eve teasing (Personal Security & Safety Program)contents are


What to do before Assault?

         Understanding Personal Space, Security & Safety

         Threat Analysis

         Precautions for Prevention

         Survival Kit


How to use Non violent Strategies during Assault?

         How to stay Cool in adverse situations

         Measures on First Eye Contact by Attacker

         Measures on First Voice Contact

         Measures on First Physical Contact

         Measures on Use of Force

         Negotiation with Attacker


Learning to use Physical Tactics during Assault?

         Measures on Assault

         Use of Personal Items for Defense – Keys, Umbrella, Pens, Shoes, Perfumes, Cell

         Vital Point Striking

         Use of Environment for Defense


    • Wrist Grab
    • Hair Pull
    • Collar Grab
    • Hand on Shoulder
    • Hands around Neck
    • Being Lifted Up in Air
    • Response to a Slap
    • Response to a Punch
    • Response to a Kick
    • Response to being Grounded
    • Bear Hug & Embrace
    • Breast Groping
    • Waist Grab
    • Bottom Pinching
    • Attempted Kiss
    • Defense to Multiple Attackers
    • Principles of Hit and Run
    • Pitting them against one another
    • Defense to Knife Attack from various angles
    • Defense to Firearm Threat
    • Defense to Stick Attack
    • Defense to Purse Grab
    • Defense to Chain snatching
    • Mugging for Wallet
    • Attempted Rape
    • Defense to Mouth Gag
    • Defense to Hands tying.
    • To Leg Spread
    • To Hip Thrust
    • To Clothes Tearing
    • Ground Fighting


How to harness Support?

         Communication for help

         How to Bluff & Scare Attacker?

         How to gather Public support

         How to gather Police support


What to do after Assault succeeds or fails?

         First Aid

         CPR & Other Life saving techniques

         Seek Medical & Hospital Aid

         Report to Family

         Report to Company Superiors

         Report to Police after advice of Superiors

         Handling Media & Keeping Press Away



How do we proceed?


We have to fix a module depending upon


         Batches to be trained & Number of Participants in each Batch

         Venue, to be decided by your company

         Timings, Duration & Number of Days per Batch

         Training requires nothing other than office wear & space.

         Hall & all expenses to be borne by company

         We will offer only training

         Travel, Boarding & Lodging & Meals for our Team to be catered to by your company

         Prior Booking of Dates be done, No last minute cancellations or changes

         Fee payment to be made on the day of Training, before commencement.




A good module would be 90 min training for 5 days for 50 participants after office hours, repeated two or four times a year




A Half to One Day workshop for One day for 100 participants




  • We are the Best in this area of speciality
  • We may be a little expensive for smaller sector companes
  • Its better to pay a little more to ensure the best training result



Our Training is in all Aspects –







6.     FIRST AID,







Contact Us


UCCA Civil Chapter, Mumbai


Cell No



E mail us




Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details:

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  • HQ - ANDHERI (W)
  • THANE (Ghodbunder Road)


Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey. why is Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey? bcos Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a soul searching journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a physicl journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a mental journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a spiritual journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a art seeking journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey wthout a destination. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey without a definitive goal. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is your individual journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey where thepath travelled matters more than the destination.