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Special Defense Program for Girls & Women against Eve Teasing, Molesting & Rape

The Most Modern, Fully equipped, State of Art, Training center is now open in
Western Suburbs, Mumbai Andheri four bunglows
with weekend Training courses!  Learn KICKBOXING at this center from the FOUNDERS OF KICKBOXING in India.

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CANONJAA : The Secret Art of Killing

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This site has been created by me to guide the Bruce Lees fan & serious martial art enthusiasts to the right destination.
Truely speaking, in our opinion, there are no authentic Jeet Kune Do schools in Mumbai except the JKD Ideology India (See link above).
As you will read on you will realize that Lees Jeet Kune Do , i.e. JKD Koncepts are a set of principles applied to fighting arts.
The true JKD man will never call his art JKD, as he knows JKD as just a word. He doesnot believe in JKD style, but in JKD principle.
Schools teaching martial arts in Mumbai are generally traditional schools, like Karate, Taekwondo, Kung fu, Judo etc.
Many schools claim to be full contact kickboxing, but no full contact class will flourish commercially as the students who get injured will soon leave.
JKD is typically taught in backyards and non descript classes, where students discard uniforms, belts and katas. Instead the scene is that of the Instructor teaching a few students, all wearing gloves and going allout in their sparring. The session generally ends with injuries (generally trivial) and a lot of discussions by the senior students on fighting principles. You will see and experience kicking, boxing, muay Thai and wrestling, along with matwork all in one go! Nothing is considered foul here!
If you are lucky, you may find a JKD concept teacher, who may teach you his JKD concepts, and hopefully help you to find your JKD!
In our opinion, you may check out the art and science of fighting by joining the Institute of Martial Science.
But I am sure, if you are desparate enough to start your jkd, you will reach your destination, like I did.
Now read on, why you should learn the Martial arts
'Be soft, yet not yielding, Be firm, yet not hard'
Have you been born weak ?
Have you always been bullied ?
Have you always been scared ?
Are you always being manhandled ?
Always losing street fights ?
If you are ready to put in efforts, time and energy to change what destiny intended for you, then you can be helped. Your search for jkd concepts may end here.And your jkd journey might just begin!
We are referring to the Institute of Martial Science.
Here, You can learn from hard core low profile professionals with experience in training the forces. Learn the commando concepts & methods of quickly vanquishing the enemy, from these professional instructors.
Unlike other martial art schools, you cannot just walk in to enroll. The IMS INSTITUTE OF MARTIAL SCIENCE, (IMS) is non commercial and private, its membership being made of selected students.
The Procedure for joining the IMS academy is as follows,
a) You must have completed your schooling, should not have a police or criminal record and must be above the age of eighteen. 
b) You may have have to sign a no liability to injury bond.
Visit the below website address for visiting/ joining INSTITUTE OF MARTIAL SCIENCE
Says 17 yr old collegite, Vikas
"I was born weak and thin, and was always bullied. I am grateful to the Istitute of Martial Science for accepting me, and I learnt all the methods used by this system. Today I  am the divisional boxing champion for maharashtra State in my weight category, and i can walk confidentally on the streets, knowing if there is a problem, I can take care."
Says 22 yr old doctor, Komal
" i was a weak girl, in a tough mans world. I had never exercised in my life and my body was in bad shape. I would always get dominated by my collleagues. After acceptance in the Institute of much Martial Science ,  I realised how much strength women are capable of, here it is routine for women to fight men. I have emerged a totally different and strong individual"

Email address:
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If you are interested in armed Forces hand to hand training, you may also visit another interesting website
If you are interested in a softer martial arts system, more for health and fitness try visiting this site where you can learn Tai Chi, a chinese system of fitness and vitality.

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e mail your application at (see above) 
or call us at
9820496752  or  9969022229
for guidance on your martial arts journey

  • HQ - ANDHERI (W)
  • THANE (Ghodbunder Road)


Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey. why is Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey? bcos Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a soul searching journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a physicl journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a mental journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a spiritual journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a art seeking journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey wthout a destination. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey without a definitive goal. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is your individual journey. Jeet Kune Do in Mumbai is a journey where thepath travelled matters more than the destination.